Customer Results

Jes Extender obtains its data from multiple customers who have actually used our penis enlargement device for the recommended amount of time. Here at Jes Extender, we have carried out thorough analyses and collected all of our data. As part of this, we also analyzed self-taken before and after pictures from our loyal customers. The results from this data are presented to you in the graph below, where you can see the relation between the increase in length of the penis and the amount of hours using the Jes Extender penis enlargement device. The results are divided into categories according to the speed of the growth:
Because of the intimate content of the before and after pictures we analyzed, we chose not to show you these images. Instead, we made a clear penis growth results graph where all the results are shown. Our customers have access to the Jes Extender diary where they can log their treatment results, and some of these customers have granted us access to use their personal data which proves that our claims about the permanent effects of Jes Extender are legitimate. To convince you further about the effectiveness of Jes Extender, we have matched the results from our customers with the results from the BJUI (British Journal of Urology) research. We are happy and proud that all of our before and after results point in the same direction – which once again proves that our claims about Jes Extender are valid. Our customers used Jes Extender to obtain natural permanent results – click here if you want to try it out yourself!

Medical Studies- Proof

To be 100% sure about our Jes Extender results we did an appeal to a third party researcher. The results from this research are reflective of ours. You can click here to see the research, the clinical tests or the medical journal.

Medical Test - Penis Traction

The medical test about penis traction is carried out by multiple doctors from our scientific community. The different trials show us that treatment with the Jes Extender penis extender does enlarge and straighten your penis in both length and girth.

BJUI Medical Research

Jes Extender is also mentioned in research by the British Journal of Urology. This research examined and compared the different penis enlargement methods out there. The results of this research shows us once more that penis extenders, such as Jes Extender, are the only safe and completely natural method for penis enlargement.