Instructional Video


Safe and natural penis enlargement is possible with the Jes-Extender, and you may be wondering exactly how it works and how to use the penis extender device properly to get maximum results. Watch our instructional video about the penis extender below. Jes-Extender also comes with a full step-by-step guide on exactly how to use your penis enlargement device.

To use the device, you place the penis inside and secure it, and wear it for a number of hours per day. Jes-Extender consists of four units. A ring circles the penis at the base and a moulded support supports the head, and two arms attach to the base to impose a light stretch to the penis. As time goes on, and the penis length increases, the two arms can be extended to give more and more stretch, so you can continue to increase the length of your penis. As you increase the length of your penis, you can use the extension rods to extend the length of the device for further stretch and length. The ends of the tubes are inserted into the notches at the end of the penis extender device, and you use the screws to adjust the degree of traction and stretch to the penis. The further the arms are depressed, the greater the stretch. Be careful not to overdo the degree of traction, especially at the beginning when you’re first using the device, otherwise you may cause yourself an injury.

As you progress through the weeks and months using the Jes-Extender penis extender device, and you begin to see permanent results in lengthening your penis, you can make adjustments on the screws to increase the degree of traction. To remove the device, you simply remove the silicone tube and slip the device off – there’s no need to dismantle it after every use.

For the first few weeks, we recommend you don’t use the device for more than 4-5 hours at a time. Once the cell division process is underway, you can use the device for up to 12 hours a day. If you follow our slow start up schedule and continue to use the device as instructed, you will see results in 3-6 months. But don’t worry, skipping a day or two along the way won’t hinder your program. The device can be worn under loose clothing, and whilst sleeping if you don’t toss and turn too much.

In the Jes-Extender instructional video, you’ll find further information and detailed instructions on how to use the penis extender device. It describes the process of penis traction, and how exactly the device works to permanently lengthen the penis, before then continuing to show step-by-step instructions on how to use the penis extender device.

You can find our instructional video in Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Arabic and German below