Jes Extender Startup program

Our six week ‘Slow Start-Up Schedule’ is an ideal training program for first time users to get you used to the Jes Extender device and penis traction method. The Jes Extender training program for new starters gives your body time to adapt, by starting out with low traction and short periods of usage of the Jes Extender device. Traction and duration of use are then gradually extended week by week. Because the Jes Extender is completely safe to use, the length of use can be determined by the user individually. Once the desirable results have been achieved, the penis enlargement program can simply be discontinued.

The recommended Jes Extender schedule for new starters

The embarkation of your penis fitness journey may feel overwhelming in the beginning, but our recommended Jes Extender slow start-up schedule takes the stress out of knowing how to start increasing using a penis extender device to increase your penis. In week 1, we recommend to wear the device for only around one hour per day, at a traction of 28-42 oz (or 800-1200 grams), whilst you get used to wearing the device. In week 2, you will feel comfortable and confident enough to increase the duration of wear to around two hours per day, whilst maintaining the same level of traction. By week 3, you should be able to increase the traction slightly, to 42 oz (or 1200g), whilst also upping the number of hours wearing the device to three hours per day. Traction stays steady in week 4, but number of recommended hours increases to four per day. By week 5, you should be feeling completely confident in wearing the device, and so the Jes Extender training program goes up a notch. Traction increases to 42-71 oz (or 1200-2000g), as well as hours of wear per day to five. By week 6 you’re flying, and number of hours increases to six per day. After completing this six week Jes Extender schedule, you’ll feel confident enough to set the traction yourself and further increase the number of hours worn. The Jes Extender penis extender device can be worn up to 12 hours per day.