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There are plenty of myths surrounding the penis and intimate acts. The old adage of “the bigger, the better” seems to go hand-in-hand with male genitalia. However, this idea doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. Certain sizes are more suited for select women, depending on their needs, desires and unique anatomy. Take a real look at penis size and how it can be improved for enhanced sensations between a man and a woman. There’s a perfect size that’s different for every person.

The natural look

It’s only natural for a man to want a perfectly straight shaft. Symmetry and proportionality are attractive from a visual standpoint. However, the human body doesn’t always have a perfect shape. Most genitalia will have some type of curve to their shapes. The shaft might skew up, down, left or right. Penis curvature might be practically unnoticeable or bent at a few degrees in any direction. A man’s penis is rarely perfectly straight or incredibly long.

In fact, most genitalia are only around 5- to 6-inches long when erect. If a man has a bent penis, the length will look even smaller. A large majority of men aren’t happy with their genitalia, and they seek out solutions for a longer, wider and straighter shaft. Traction devices, such as the Jes-Extender, are available now as a real solution to this dilemma.

Your anxiety level

Trying a penis straightening device is a good idea when you have real anxiety about your genitalia. Worrying about its shape throughout the day can take a toll on the mind. You might feel uncomfortable using the restroom or changing at the gym, for example. Your self-confidence suffers, which affects you on several different levels. Work, school and personal relationships may be difficult to manage when you’re concerned about your body’s natural form.

If you find that everyday life is being negatively impacted by penile curvature, explore solutions with the Jes-Extender. This device has been used by many consumers who’re thrilled with the results that they’ve seen. It’s time to make a change for the better with a cock straightener. The traction results can be measured with the average ruler in time.

Larger Size in Few Weeks

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Concerning medical diagnoses

For the majority of men, a curved penis is mostly an aesthetic concern. There’s no medical problem associated with it. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor if you have a real concern about a penile disorder.

A penis straightener may help with these conditions, but coupling the device with a doctor’s care is recommended. Any unusual growths along the penile shaft must be inspected by a professional to rule out cancer or any other ailment. 

Turning to the latest straightening devices

Find your relief from a curved penis by trying the Jes-Extender. This product has been on the market since 1995, and many men have discovered penile improvement with it. Each penis straightener comes with an attractive case that holds every accessory. Soft and comfortable rings alongside metal rods create the tension across the penile shaft when properly worn.

The Jes-Extender comes from Denmark where it’s been designed, tested and improved over the years. Men are welcome to read reviews about the product so that they can make their own decisions about a purchase. The proof is in the happy customers who continue to use Jes-Extender for their own personal enjoyment.

Exploring the science behind traction

Stretching the penile shaft produces a physiological process called cytokinesis. The controlled strain placed on the tissue forces new cells to develop and divide. Because the Jes-Extender will be worn over a few weeks or months, the body has time to react to the stretching with nearly constant cytokinesis.

The cellular division produces a straighter penis along with extra length and girth. If you’re curious about the science, researching cytokinesis is possible online. The body uses this process to protect the tissue, and you end up with an improved organ.

Researching product legitimacy

There are many products out there that claim to lengthen and widen the genitalia. As you research the best straightener for your needs, take a look at Jes-Extender’s transparency online. There are clear studies that show remarkable results and are laid out in understandable text and data tables. You can see how men’s sizes changed over time and with consistent use of the Jes-Extender.

Men can also feel confident about their purchase because the Jes-Extender is an FDA cleared medical device. Go to the FDA’s website to see the proof. The United States has high standards when it comes to approving any medical device, which means that trusting in the product is easier when compared to other questionable designs.

Trying the Jes-Extender penis straightener device

Basic instructions come with the Jes-Extender. Follow the guidelines so that every treatment session is comfortable and effective. Essentially, two cradles secure the penis in place with one section near the shaft’s base and the other close to the head. Add the metal rods to the cradles so that they run parallel to the shaft.

Carefully adjust the Jes-Extender until you feel a gentle sensation. It should feel like the tissue is being stretched but without any pain. In fact, the stretch may feel relaxing. Any pain or discomfort indicates that the tissue is being stretched far too much. Reduce the tension on the rods in these cases.

Wear the device for at least 15 minutes during your first treatment. Getting accustomed to the treatment is part of the process.

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Setting up a routine

Remember that any traction process takes time. The Jes-Extender doesn’t make a measurable difference in only one session. It’s imperative to set up a routine so that you can change the length, girth and curvature on a measurable level. The results are permanent as you go along.

Use the Jes-Extender once a day for one to two months. Each session should be slightly longer than the last one. The device is designed to feel comfortable enough where you can perform other tasks, such as working at a computer. Wear the device with loose-fitting pants to lengthen those sessions over time. After several months, you should be able to see a change to the organ with both a visual confirmation and a measuring tape.

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Danish Design and Handmade Quality
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Feeling Confident About the Results

You can feel confident about the results from the Jes-Extender because they’re measurable. Become your own experiment by measuring the shaft before using the dick straightener. Record the length and girth of the shaft. Every week, perform the same measurements as you continue with the Jes-Extender treatment. The penis will gradually show more length and gain extra girth.

Additionally, the curved shape can slowly look straighter over time. Because most men are familiar with how curved their genitalia looks on a daily basis, the change with the Jes-Extender can be significant as the weeks go by. A penis straightner with the added benefit of extra length and girth is a product to keep around for the long run.

Men will have varied opinions about penis straighteners they’ve tried in the past. Technology is constantly changing along with scientific discoveries. Jes-Extender is a penile straightener that can offer solid results with committed time to the product. Discover your improved manhood with Jes-Extender as your secret weapon. Your self-esteem and performance may improve with just a few extra inches to your length and girth.

Larger Size in Few Weeks

Danish Design & Handmade Quality