Would you like to have a bigger penis??

Anonymous research shows that over 50% of all men, would like to have a bigger penis – so if this subject ever crossed your mind – you are just normal.

Furthermore 78% of all women – when asked anonymously – say they would like their partner to have a bigger penis, so more than 2 out of 4 men, and 3 out of 4 women are in favor of penis enlargement.

There are many myths related to penis enlargement – starting with the primary question: Does it even work??

We know with 100% certainty that penis traction works – this has been documented in both medical journals, scientific tests and last – but not least – thousands of self-reported numbers from our users. Another myth is that results diminish over time, after the treatment stops. Once you have achieved the results there’s no need to continue to keep what you already have. In this aspect it supersedes going to the gym, where status quo takes quite an effort – especially as you grow older. So penis fitness is in a way more rewarding that regular fitness.

This also addresses the myth that the penis is a muscle, which couldn’t be further from the truth. However the tissue will react naturally to traction and produce more tissue cells, and thus an increase in tissue mass. The direction of the tissue expansion obviously follows the direction of the traction, but also some in different directions, allowing your penis to both grow in length and girth. This answers another myth of penis enlargement: Will the penis get thinner from being extended?? No it will not – in fact it will get thicker as well as longer.

Many men are also bothered by their penis curving to one side or up/down – also Called Peyronie’s Disease – and in fact penis extension also helps in this department. So at the risk at sounding like a seller of the newest set of golf clubs – penis extension in fact makes you long and straight!!

We have made a little video addressing these and other myths surrounding the subject of male enhancement, and of course feel free to comment or bring up other issues. – See our video here