Penuma surgery

Men who’re dealing with small genitalia are often looking for instant solutions. With a little Internet research, you can find dozens of different strategies to enlarge the penis. A popular topic arising on the first search page may be Penuma surgery. Any form of surgery requires extra research, so it’s valuable to look into this subject before moving ahead with any decisions. In fact, you might discover that surgery isn’t the greatest choice out there. Traction devices, such as the Jes-Extender, may be a better selection over the long run.

What is penuma surgery?

Penuma surgery is a commercially approved procedure by the FDA that enlarges the penis. It’s essentially an implant that creates more length and girth to the shaft. This surgery doesn’t treat any ailments, such as erectile dysfunction, so insurance doesn’t cover the cost. Men pay for this cost outright because it offers an aesthetically pleasing organ after recovery.

Depending on the implant’s size, the penis might gain around two inches of length. Keep in mind that this average will vary among men depending on anatomy, overall health and other factors. Because this surgery is FDA approved, it’s the go-to procedure for men who want a cosmetic change to their shafts. Other procedures may not apply to your situation, which must be verified by a qualified doctor.

Breaking down the details

Men should fully understand the Penuma process before considering the procedure. Initially, doctors verify that your shaft is a candidate for the implant. They’ll match a crescent-shaped silicone section to your penis’s length and girth. During the procedure, the doctor creates an incision near the shaft’s base where the implant can be slid down onto the shaft. It’s carefully positioned so that you still have full control over urination and ejaculation.

The implant provides a larger size for the penis without adding any extra tissue. In fact, the skin surrounding the shaft becomes tighter as a result of the procedure. It will slowly stretch out as recovery continues. Discomfort will be part of the beginning stages of this recovery process, which is true for nearly all surgeries.

Typical recovery process

When any invasive procedure is performed on the human body, it must heal. New tissue grows, and it can be in the form of scar tissue. To combat scarring and inflexible tissue around the penile region, most doctors suggest traction therapy after surgery. The patient goes home with a device that essentially stretches and holds the shaft in a controlled position. This tension across the shaft reduces or entirely eliminates scar tissue in the immediate area.

The Jes-Extender is a device that’s incredibly similar to prescribed products by penile surgeons. The main difference between the Jes-Extender and devices used after surgery is that there’s no procedure necessary to improve the genitalia with the Jes-Extender. Traction is your primary tool for a longer, wider and straighter shaft.

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Qualifying for the treatment

Men who still want the Penuma procedure have a long way to go before the big day. Your doctor must evaluate you for any mental concerns. Some men have body-image distortion, such as body or penile dysmorphic disorder. These ailments distort a man’s perception of his body. In fact, a large shaft might be construed as small genitalia.

Multiple evaluations on both mental and physical levels must be passed before a surgery can be scheduled. If you don’t want to go through this menagerie of tests, consider the Jes-Extender. This traction device can be purchased online with no evaluations necessary. You can be on your way to a larger shaft in only a few weeks

Instant disqualifier

It’s possible to be entirely disqualified from participating in Penuma surgery too. If you’ve ever had penis surgery in the past, most doctors will exclude you from any further procedures. The reason behind this exclusion is complications.

The tissue has already gone through an incision-and-healing process. There’s already scar tissue involved. Performing surgery again will only add more scarring, which can lead to difficulties. For example, the penis may not be able to stretch during an erection, or a severe bend develops as a result of multiple surgeries. Qualified doctors see the procedure as too risky by this point.

Using the Jes-Extender gives you a chance at a longer, wider and straighter shaft. As long as you’ve recovered from the previous surgery, you can use traction as a clever alternative to an expensive procedure.

Crucial drawbacks

Scar tissue remains as one of the biggest drawbacks to Penuma surgery. This tissue doesn’t have the flexibility that normal cells offer. In fact, the penis may not extend to its fullest size, and it might have an unusual bend to its shape with scar tissue present. After a major surgery such as Penuma, every man wants a perfect outcome. Scar tissue develops at different rates depending on your health condition.

Your recovery time after surgery is substantial too. In general, abstain from any sexual activity for about six weeks. The incision site takes several weeks to heal too.

If you depend solely on traction, including assistance through the Jes-Extender, there’s no need for recovery. You can perform normal activities when you aren’t stretching the organ. Traction is a safe and noninvasive choice for men everywhere.

The cost factor

A detail that’s often left out of conversations until the last minute is cost. The Penuma procedure isn’t covered as a medically necessary surgery. Its out-of-pocket cost is around $17,000. This cost might vary based on the doctor’s experience and local regulations. The price does include everything, however, including a traction device for recovery afterwards.

The Jes-Extender is a medically cleared device by the FDA. It has a retail price of around $250. Men who’re deciding between surgery and traction should consider pricing as a major concern. Thousands of dollars is a huge investment.

Learning about the Jes-Extender

The Jes-Extender takes advantage of the human body’s reaction to tissue strain. As the device stretches the shaft, the body naturally wants to relieve the strain. A process called cytokinesis occurs where new cells develop in response to the stretching. After several months of use, the penis can have a longer, wider and straighter appearance.

Men can wear the device at home as they relax after work or school. It fits under loose-fitting pants in most cases. Simply follow the directions for the best results

Using the device

Take stock of the device’s parts when you receive it. It includes two cradles and adjustable rods. The cradles come in a comfortable material so that they hold the shaft in a safe position. The adjustable rods never come in contact with the penis; they simply place tension on the shaft as it rests in the cradles.

Follow the directions when you first start out with the Jes-Extender. The shaft isn’t accustomed to tension at first, so your beginning treatments will be short. Ideally, use the device once a day with longer time periods added to each day afterward. There’s absolutely no pain associated with this traction device. You’ll feel a tugging sensation on the shaft. As the days go by, adjust the rods for more tension as the tissue stretches out. The penis will gain size over the next few months.

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Forgoing the surgical aspect

With just a bit of research about the Jes-Extender, this product might shed a light on a solid decision for men everywhere. It’s not necessary to automatically choose Penuma surgery for a larger shaft. In fact, this surgery and its implant will only last for up to 10 years. Any implant is a synthetic item that only creates a temporary size change.

In contrast, the Jes-Extender offers a lifetime of size changes. The new tissue being created won’t disappear afterward. You’re encouraging healthy tissue growth with each stretching session. By turning to traction, men can save thousands of dollars on their genitalia improvement. Several hundred dollars for the Jes-Extender is certainly a fair price for permanent results that can be measured with a standard ruler after two to six months.

Shipping across the globe

Get started right now with the Jes-Extender. Order it online or call the company’s main line. Every order is quickly processed and shipped in a nondescript container. No one will know what’s arriving in the mail because the return address is just as discreet as the packaging. The manufacturer thrives on a committed and practically anonymous group of men who’re reaping the benefits of this product.

After receiving the package, the storage container is subtle as well. Store it in any closet, and no one will know what’s inside. Use the device each day to see the best results. Any questions can always be answered through Jes-Extender’s website or hotline.

Surgery isn’t always the best solution. Turning to simple devices, including the Jes-Extender, can offer enhanced results without the recovery or cost associated with Penuma procedures. Compare and contrast the pros and cons today. Traction will always have lasting effects that can improve any man’s appearance and libido over time.

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