Is 9 inches a good size?

As a man, it’s only natural to compare your genitalia with others. You want to know how you rank when it comes to size, for example. This organ symbolizes manhood to most men across the globe. In fact, you might wonder if your penis length is good enough for both you and your partner’s pleasure. Stop right there, and explore the reality of penis size in the modern world. There are options to increase your penile size, including traction devices like Jes-Extender. Is nine inches a good size? Find out for yourself as you gain an understanding of the genitalia at a broader level.

Average penis size

You may want a 9 inch penis, but consider the fact that this length isn’t necessarily the rule. The British Journal of Medicine published findings in the past few years that tell a different story. An erect penis actually has an average length of around five inches. In contrast, a flaccid penis measures around three to four inches in length. Keep these statistics in mind as you seek out an improvement in your genitalia.

It’s possible that some of these measurements are even exaggerated to a certain degree. Many studies rely on self-reported data, which means men are measuring their own shafts and offering the information to scientists. As a result, the men may have been a bit more generous with the inches when compared to a third party’s measuring process.

Size influences

A man’s penis will have a unique size and shape to it from birth. In fact, many of its characteristics are influenced by genetics. Men in a family with a large, average penis size will usually have a greater chance at developing the same genitalia, for example.

There can also be other influences, such as trauma, that define your average size. Any accidents as a child might create smaller genitalia as an adult, for instance. If you’re dealing with several negative influences, including poor genetics and trauma, there are options to develop an enhanced size. Products that involve traction or stretching, such as Jes-Extender, can make a significant difference to your length and girth.

Medical complications

There are other influences that can also impact the average penis. If you have medical issues in the groin area, the genitalia can be abnormally shaped. For example, there might be a curve or bend to the shaft. An established disease, called Peyronie’s Disease, contributes to penile curvature. As a result, men might find some sex positions to be uncomfortable. The female may experience issues as well.

Any medical issues must be addressed by a qualified professional. No at-home device can cure Peyronie’s Disease or similar ailments. Well Jes-Extender is an “at-home” device! For men dealing with a healthy penis, there are solutions with Jes-Extender.

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Women’s anatomy

The concept that most women alike will choose big penises over smaller ones isn’t necessarily the rule. Although you may wonder if a 9-inch erection is good for you, think about the length from the female’s perspective. The vagina is only about three to four inches long. It can lengthen during stimulation, but the size doesn’t vary too much from these averages. A woman’s anatomy is conducive to the average erect penis size. It’s certainly understandable if you want larger genitalia, but functionality and pleasure from the woman’s standpoint won’t differ too much. In the end, it’s your personal choice to have a bigger shaft with the help of Jes-Extender.

Mental and physical drawbacks to small genitalia

A 9-inch penis is a good size for you if it makes you feel good to have it on both mental and physical levels. Feeling inadequate during a sexual encounter can create depression, frustration and other long-term effects. Some men may see the average length of their shaft as so small that they can’t perform. Impotence may lead to other activities, such as oral sex, but you want more when it comes to your functionality. In fact, your partner may notice a negative change to your behavior and mind too when the genitalia remain small. As a solution, improving your self-esteem with larger genitalia can help you on a variety of levels.

Wanting more

Tell yourself that it’s natural to want more. The best sex tips in the world can’t help you when it comes to size changes. Turning to today’s technology is the best way to handle the situation. Initially, you might consider penis pumps. They’ve been around for many years, and countless numbers of women prefer the results that they offer in the bedroom.

A major drawback to this solution, however, is the temporary effect. All pumps simply work as a short-term solution for small genitalia. Large penises can’t be created with these products. You need a lasting solution that’s often found with Jes-Extender. You also need to be careful with pumps, since they can blow up small blood veins – leading to discoloration of your penis.

Surgical options

Men also have the opportunity to choose surgical changes to their shaft. With one procedure, the genitalia can have an instant makeover with a longer and wider appearance. This solution seems like the answer, but consider the drawbacks too. Surgery requires extensive costs and recovery time. The resulting shaft may not look as good as you imagined it. There can also be long-term effects from surgery, such as poor performance or (even premature ejaculation. ) a change in the erection angle – going 15-30 degrees downward.

Take the risk out of improving your manhood by trying Jes-Extender. This device is safe and requires no recovery time. It takes the latest science and uses it to your advantage, which equates to a longer, wider and straighter shaft than before.

The latest solution

Introduce yourself to Jes-Extender. This device uses the power of traction to stretch your shaft into a longer, wider and straighter organ. Intelligent men will want to research traction devices before purchasing one, however. The Jes-Extender, in particular, is a medically cleared device by the FDA. It’s been inspected by third parties to verify its functionality and safe design. Compare the Jes-Extender to other products, and their descriptions may be vague at best. In fact, they won’t have the transparent results that Jes-Extender offers on its website. Real men have reported measurable results from this device after continued use.

Backed up by science

The Jes-Extender has real science backing up its success. It relies on cytokinesis in order to create more length and girth to your penis. As you wear the device, it gently pulls on the penile shaft. Wearing it as often as possible causes the cells to replicate, which is referred to as cytokinesis. This extra tissue equates to a bigger organ that’s measurable with the average ruler.

This device simply takes advantage of the human body’s reaction to the stretching process. As a result, the Jes-Extender works for nearly every healthy man.

How it works

When you open up your Jes-Extender case, you’ll find two cradles and several adjustable rods. Slide the cradles onto the shaft so that one rests near the base and the other section resides near the tip. Attach the rods between the cradles by following the device’s instructions.

The rods should be carefully adjusted so that you feel a slight pulling on the organ. There shouldn’t be any pain. The tugging sensation stimulates the tissue. For the first few times, wear the device for around 15 minutes. According to the directions, you’ll slowly wear the device more and more, which gives you the best results.

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Being a committed man

Remind yourself that the human body needs time to change and adjust to the traction process. A longer, wider and straighter shaft will only happen when you commit to the Jes-Extender’s average timeline. On average, one or two months of use is necessary to see measurable results.

Wear the Jes-Extender as often as you can once you’re accustomed to the sensation. Time at home is a perfect opportunity for wearing the device, for instance. Be creative with the treatment because the results come to those who’re committed to the process.

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Larger Size in Few Weeks

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Shipping to you now

Order your Jes-Extender today so that you can experiment with the best sex positions in no time at all. There’s no worry or anxiety when it comes to ordering this device either. The manufacturer sends it in a discreet package with no identifiable marks. As you pull it from the shipping material, the device itself is still hidden within an attractive case. It might be mistaken for a basic case that could contain anything too. Using the Jes-Extender will be your personal triumph without anyone knowing about your secret.

As you seek out a strategy for a big penis, remember that Jes-Extender is a solid product that can help you with your physical improvements. Research, experiment and continue to measure your penis so that you see the results in real time. Traction devices were designed to help men in their most intimate moments. Feeling good about yourself is just the beginning when larger genitalia give you a confidence boost.

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