How to increase girth size

After decades of research and studies related to the sexual psychology of women and a man’s health, we have been able to conclude that girth always comes ahead of length. Every eight women out of 10 would prefer a man with a thicker penis over a man with a longer but thinner penis. And guess what? There is a scientific logic behind this answer which has to do with a woman’s desire.
As we all know that the vagina of a woman is very shallow in nature; hence, a thicker penis is good for stimulating the clitoris. The vagina is merely 4 inches or lesser in circumference, and hence, a penis with a thicker girth gives the most sexual stimulation to the partner and, therefore, a good time! And it is only natural for a woman to seek a man with a thicker penis since he will be able to promise her more impact and a good orgasm. This does mean, for a fact, that a man might have 10 inches of a penis, but if they don’t have a thickness of at least 4.5 inches, you are almost invisible to a woman!
But again, the thing is that every man cannot be perfect. Let’s face it, as much as having a perfect hourglass figure for a woman is difficult as much as it is difficult for a man to have a penis with perfect thickness and perfect length! So the revelation of the long-asked question above could either be good news for you or life-ending news for others. But the truth is that we don’t mean to scare you by this answer, especially now that we live in the age of manipulation and medical advancements!
Many times men can be found looking for answers to queries like, “Is there any way to increase girth? or “What is the best way to increase length and girth?. So whether you seek painless, non-invasive ways to increase or add girth size, or better erections, we have you covered.

Best way to increase length and girth

The Penis traction device – Jes-Extender – has been the market leader since 1995. It is cleared and approved by the FDA, the European Clinically Tested Device, and the Danish Ministry of health in Denmark, where it is produced and it is the best answer to your innermost desire of increasing length and girth. It works by applying a small amount of traction to the penis shaft, which starts to multiply the tissue cells and increases the overall mass of the penis. The main objective is to lengthen the penis, but it is not linear and straightforward as so often before in biology. In other words, the cell multiplication, which occurs from this therapy, also increases the penis girth since the tissue expansion also migrates outward in many directions on how to increase girth size naturally. So if you want to know how to increase penis girth, you have to increase the length as well, which would make sense from a cosmetic point of view.
So learning how to make the penis thicker is becoming the number one sport for many men who aim to please their partner, and the Jes-Extender is the safest and best-documented way to go. Surely you’ll live with the “side effect” of becoming longer, now that you know how to increase girth and size permanently.

Psst…. I suffer from curved, painful erections; can I cure them in a non-surgical way?

Yes, indeed! Approximately one in ten men in the USA over the age of 18 reported having symptoms of Peyronie’s disease (yes, that’s the technical term for your condition
Let’s have a look at the diagnostic prospects before we move on to the prognosis;

Course of Treatment

While surgery may be the final recourse when symptoms don’t decrease, several non-invasive, non-drug medical therapies can help relieve your symptoms while improving your shaft length! Interested are we, hell yea! Let’s look into two such methods.
Vacuum devices and mechanical traction: Vacuum devices are employed to treat ED. However, recent studies have shown no significant visible changes in penile length even after six months of continuous therapy. At the most, it rendered a sense of psychological satisfaction in men.
Mechanical traction or penile extenders paint a different and brighter picture altogether. Studies world over vouch for the effectiveness of penile extenders (non-surgical mechanical devices) in elongating the length of the penis both in the flaccid and the extended state. Penile extenders represent the only evidence-based method of penile elongation. These are, therefore, the perfect first-line treatment option for patients looking to enhance their penile dimensions.
Shockwave Therapy: Low-intensity waves directed at the plaque can be utilized to reduce the pain.

Larger Size in Few Weeks

Danish Design & Handmade Quality

Ok, that’s interesting, so tell me more about the scientific process involving penis elongation and thickening using Jes-Extender?

The basic fundamental behind increased shaft length, girth, or reduced curvature is the physiological process of cytokinesis initiated on stretching the penile shaft on a regular basis.
Let’s break it down. Simply put, when you use a traction-based device such as Jes-Extender to increase your member dimensions, the persistent stretch causes microscopic tears along the shaft. Much like the African practice of neck elongation or earlobe stretching, the body responds to the mechanical stress by growing new tissue in every dimension, which ultimately results in a bigger and wider penis! Now one may get a clearer picture of why Jes-Extender is the best way to increase length and girth.
Also, considering the increased cell activity and enhanced blood flow, you can expect better erections too!

Wow, that’s super cool! So do I need to continue wearing the traction device once I reach my preferred dimensions?

Nope! The penile enlargement results using our FDA-approved Jes-Extender are permanent. So once you have reached your desired penis dimensions, you don’t need to wear the device any longer.

Now that’s a winner! How long do I need to wear the device to achieve my desired dimensions?

To observe significant results, you need to dedicatedly wear the device on your shaft for at least four to six hours per day. However, one such study by Jes-Extender recommends usage for up to twelve hours every day, ideally for optimal and guaranteed results.

Umm, will using Jes-Extender hurt?

That’s a reasonable concern among men considering that the penis is the most sensitive portion of the male anatomy. But, let’s put your worries to rest; the Jes-Extender is the safest, most comfortable penis extender in the market made from Class 1 medical grade material. And yes, it will not hurt, considering that you observe the instructions. There might be incidences of initial soreness, which will subside in a few weeks if you follow the start-up guide correctly.

Sounds convincing, but I would love to know customer reviews on Jes-Extender!

When you choose to buy a Jes-Extender product, you can be assured that you invest in aClinically Tested Device
penis enlargement device. We have been in the business with over 500,000 delighted customers globally for over 27 years! We aim to deliver aesthetic benefits to men and help men living with the painful condition of Peyronie’s heal in a non-invasive manner.

Let’s listen to what some of our customers have to say about Jes-Extender;

“I was suffering from extreme pain every time I attempted intercourse not to mention a curved shaft. This affected my self-esteem and intimate relationships. My urologist told me to try Jes-Extender penile extender as a first-line method of treatment. I weighed my chances and decided to give Jes-Extender a try. To date, it remains one of my best, life-altering decisions! I now have a straighter shaft, and the plaque has dissolved. My sex life is better than ever not to mention better erections. Wholeheartedly recommended!” ~ Paul (45)

“I am a 34-year-old white male with a less than satisfactory package down there. A friend recommended Jes-Extender penis extender to me after I confided in him about my self-image issues. I couldn’t thank him and Jes-Extender enough!” Mike (34)

Woah! Now that’s a deal clincher, tell me more about the product range!

With a range of products to suit a multitude of buyer needs and budgets, Jes-Extender has something for every gentleman out there. Peruse the entire collection here:

Summing Up

Now the next time your best friend or his wife walks up to you and seeks advice on queries like, “Is there any way to increase girth? or “John gets all worked up about his curvature and could do with a few extra inches,” you know where to point them too! Looking forward to providing time-tested solutions to all your girth and size issues.

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Larger Size in Few Weeks

Danish Design & Handmade Quality

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