How to get a bigger penis

A man’s penis can be a defining characteristic in his life. From filling out your trousers to pleasing women, this organ affects both your body and mind from the moment that puberty begins. Men who deal with small penises, however, will often have issues with the size over their lifetimes.

Seeking out penis enlargement is a multi-million-dollar business, but you don’t have to spend this kind of money to see a larger package down below. Discover the latest solution in the Jes-Extender as you learn how to increase the length of your penis today.

Learning about
natural size penis

Before you alter your penis size, it helps to know how it’s determined in the first place. Initially, your genes influence the size when you’re a fetus. Hormonal fluctuations within the womb are also factors to consider. In fact, your penis’s size is the result of both genetics and environmental factors

As you mature during puberty, you may be more concerned about how to make your penis bigger. The hormones that are suddenly causing your voice to drop in pitch and hair to erupt across the body are also impacting penis size. All of these factors produce

Understanding peyronie’s disease.

An average size may not be the main issue for some men. Irregularly shaped penises are understandable concerns. Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease have scar tissue around the penis, which can spread out across different sides. The effect is a penile curvature that may be unsightly or even painful.

Learning how to make your penis look bigger allows you to alter the curvature to a certain degree. In fact, any straightening change can relieve you of both physical and mental anguish.

Keep in mind that curvatures are either genetic or due to a physical trauma. Both types have some options with straightening devices, including the latest product called the Jes Extender. It’s important to know about your ailment and its severity, however. Use that information to move ahead with a straightening strategy that can change your penis’s shape for the long term.

Exploring options for how to get a larger size dick

Altering any part of your body with the latest trends about penis enlargement should be thoroughly researched. Traditional solutions are often the first ones to be explored. Penis pumps have been around for many years, and they do offer some choices for men. Be aware that they’re defined for ED or erectile dysfunction as opposed to bigger penis enlargement. A tube fills with air in order to stimulate the penis. This is however merely for a visual effect lasting a few hours, without any permanent effect.

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Discovering traction strategies

The term traction is often used when setting a bone or joint into position. You’re realigning the tissues for optimal healing. Traction in the world of penile issues refers to stretching this organ. By stretching the tissue, the penis can gain some length. The trick to this solution is putting the right amount of pressure on the tissue and patiently wait for the results

There haven’t been many products that were effective in the past regarding when it came to traction (penis enlargement) until the Jes Extender was introduced. Treating penile curvature and length issues is now possible with this device. Other traction devices failed on several levels, including pulling too much on the organ or not enough. Today’s device offers variable pressure that you control. It’s time to see a more natural penis shape and size with a comfortable treatment that’s performed at home

Knowing who benefits from a larger size cock

Almost every man is a good candidate for traction strategies, including the Jes Extender. As long as you have a relatively healthy body, gentle stretching is possible across the penis. If you have a penile curvature, the stretching will be relieving on several levels. Any strain on the tissue may abate, which allows you to relax from day to day.

The success of the treatment has also shown to be unrelated to age, and not as one intuitively might think that best results would occur for men between 20-30 years of age. Jes-Extender have users in the seventies, who benefit from their treatment with the penis extenders with no side effects

Uncovering the batest

The latest breakthrough is the Jes Extender from Denmark. There are countless hours of engineering and testing that go into this product. It comes in a discreet box with various parts to meet any man’s needs.

A protection pad, comfort strap and silicon tube are the main pieces that cradle and hold your penis in position. They’re soft yet firm for your stretching experience. You’ll also find several elongation bars that are interchangeable, depending on your current length and goal size. Jes Extender has been tested and certified by many global authorities, which gives you the confidence to use the device as instructed. Its simplicity of lengthening and widening the penis over time contributes to its success. There are no quick ways to increase size. The device relies on science to give you the perfect length.

Following the instructions for penis enlargement

The Jes Extender comes with a step-by-step guide along with an instructional video. All of the parts are highly intuitive, but be sure to follow the instructions. Starting with too much tension can cause soreness. The instructions walk you through how each elongation bar should be placed and positioned along the shaft.

Remember the device’s success is based on time and tension for penis enlargement. Starting with one hour of tension a day is enough for most men. You can eventually work up to several hours a day with more tension. Your body must become accustomed to the device before you can extend its use across the day and night. Luckily, the device can be worn under your clothes so that no one knows when it’s in use.

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Knowing the science behind the Jes Extender

Creating a larger penis through stretching is based in solid science.

When any human tissue is subjected to traction, it will respond by producing more tissue cells in order to adapt to the tension. This process is called cytokinesis, and is used to extend numerous human body parts. The Jes-Extender has just made it possible to apply a constant low amount of traction to the penis, enabling men to wear it comfortably.

When you stretch your penis with the Jes Extender, this same concept applies. The traction device forces the tissue to reproduce through cytokinesis. As you continue with periodic stretching, the cells continue to replicate and grow in bulk. The penis becomes longer, as well as wider with the new tissue. Remember that this process isn’t an instantaneous solution to a small penis. Weeks if not months are necessary to see a real difference in size.

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Trying Manual Techniques

There are manual techniques that involve penis stretching. Be aware that there are mixed results with manual strategies. They simply involve a hand massage that works the tissues to provoke the creation of new tissue cells. Massaging the penis with your hands may be relaxing, but it doesn’t have the same efficacy as the Jes Extender.

When you manually stretch the tissue, it’s nearly impossible to maintain uniform pressure across the shaft. It’s difficult to determine if there’s enhancement or not. In fact, it’s much easier to hurt yourself with manual techniques. The process may be performed too often and with excessive pressure.

Using the Jes Extender allows you to stretch the tissue with steady pressure. The device cradles the penis so that there are no pressure points. The areas that are meant to gain girth and length will show growth over time. Manual techniques don’t have a lot of success because their implementation is often sporadic and possibly painful.

Staying safe

Altering any body part for length or girth takes some patience. You may want to start with the most tension from the device for 6 hours at a time, but start out slowly. The instructions clearly state that each week should retain the same tension and time frame worn on the body so that you can get used to the sensation. The goal is to avoid any soreness. In fact, a gentle pulling sensation should be the only experience with the Jes Extender.

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Filling out your length

You can gain more length and girth by simply using the Jes Extender on a regular basis. Most men may see a difference of one or two centimeters after using the device for several months. For men who have a penile curvature, however, the length’s difference may seem extreme. A penis that used to have a short length can now look incredibly long. Although some length may occur with the stretching, the significant change is due to the penis remaining straight for the most part. Functionality increases as you continue with the Jes Extender each week.

s long as you appreciate the results, continue to use the device according to your schedule. The stretching process can give you slight changes over time while strengthening the tissue surrounding the shaft.

Standing out from the rest

The Jes Extender isn’t just a trendy product with no research behind it. In fact, it’s been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a Class 1 medical device. There are no other within the penile-traction industry with by the U.S. government.

This product is also used throughout Denmark where it was originally founded. As you research how to enlarge penis, you’ll find that thousands of people across Europe have used this exact product. Trusting in a product for your private area is just as important as its efficacy. Jes Extender stands out from the rest so that you can enjoy a more comfortable length.

Now that you know how to grow your penis to a preferable size, it’s time to visit the Jes Extender website at Order your package, and start the enlarging process. With time and patience, you’ll see a difference in your penis size and shape. The Jes Extender continues to thrill men across the globe with its comfortable options and effective results. You allways welcome to write to this email address support @

Larger Size in Few Weeks

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