How small is too small for a woman

There are plenty of myths surrounding the penis and intimate acts. The old adage of “the bigger, the better” seems to go hand-in-hand with male genitalia. However, this idea doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. Certain sizes are more suited for select women, depending on their needs, desires and unique anatomy. Take a real look at penis size and how it can be improved for enhanced sensations between a man and a woman. There’s a perfect size that’s different for every person.

The average male genitalia

From a male perspective, a big penis might be 8 inches or longer. This size, however, is usually only found in a small percentage of men across the globe. The average penis size is usually 3- to 4-inches long when relaxed and 5- to 6-inches long when erect. An above-average size might be too uncomfortable for men to carry on a daily basis, which can require specialized underwear or supports. In addition, a man’s genitalia size is usually proportional to the rest of his body. A taller and larger man, for example, might have a longer shaft. This proportionality, however, isn’t always the rule. There will be exceptions.

Considering women's anatomy

How small is too small for a woman? Based on anatomy alone, the average penis size should complement the vagina’s proportions with ease. A man with a below-average size may be proportionally “too small” for a woman, but her perception must be weighed in as well.

Keep in mind that the average vagina is only about 3 to 4 inches long. A small penis can still please a woman to a certain extent. The vagina also has very few nerve endings in the deeper sections. Most pleasure occurs near the vagina’s opening and labia surrounding it. From a sexual health professionals point of view, it’s not the length that makes a huge difference for a woman’s excitement.

Regarding intimate activities

Remember that sex position matters. Men with a smaller penis size can still please a woman and themselves with quality foreplay. Although your goal might include deeper penetration, there are plenty of positions and activities that don’t involve large genitalia.

Talk to your partner about your size concerns. The partner may have not considered your genitalia to be small or inadequate at all. Every woman will have a different perspective on your genitalia’s size. Overall, it’s the level of pleasure that’s the important element and not the penis length.

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Understanding psychological impacts

With all of the anatomical information in mind, many men still want a change. A small penis may really be a challenge in the bedroom. This situation impacts the man on both physiological and mental levels. He may not perform very well, or the genitalia may not become erect in the first place. A few extra inches of length may be all that he needs to feel better about himself.

It’s critically important to address these concerns. There are several ways of achieving a longer and wider penis. Exploring your options can give you more confidence in the bedroom as you become proactive about your body’s shape.

Increasing size

Increasing the size of a small penis is possible with a few strategies that have been around the marketplace for years. You’ve probably heard of penis pumps, which are used just before performing an intimate act. They temporarily increase the genitalia’s size so that both the male and female experience extra pleasure.

You might also turn to surgery. However, this invasive procedure is costly, painful and risky. Your penis size may not gain much girth or length either, and the results depend largely on the surgeon’s skill. Turning to today’s latest technology with traction devices is a simple and safe way to increase the genitalia’s size.

Researching less invasive options

Traction devices can be found online in various styles and designs. To enhance a small penis, a man must find a product that’s legitimate and safe. As you research these products, read the websites carefully. Look for actual studies from reputable individuals or organizations. Products with solid records will want to show off those successful results.

Read about the product’s usage too. Clear instructions and detailed photos should accompany the product. If you feel disengaged or unclear on any part of a product’s description or history, move onto another style. There are many products that advertise success, but can negatively impact both a flaccid or erect penis.

Introducing the Jes-Extender

A traction device that has comfortable and valid results with consumers today is called the Jes-Extender. The product comes in an attractive case with several rings to cradle the genitalia. It also comes with rods that are adjustable during your lengthening-and-widening process.

The Jes-Extender has a simple function: it stretches the penile shaft. After attaching the device to the genitalia, men adjust the rods until they feel a gentle, tugging sensation. Performing this stretching over multiple sessions has led to several centimeters and possibly inches added onto the shaft. It takes a commitment from you to use the device as directed, however.

Exploring the science behind traction devices

The Jes-Extender’s simple function of stretching the shaft does have science backing up its design. As the tissue senses the tugging sensation, the cells undergo cytokinesis. They essentially replicate, which leads to a longer and wider shaft. This strategy has been used by doctors for other purposes, such as setting bones, for many years. There simply hasn’t been a device that could steadily stretch the genitalia without generating pain in the past.

It’s possible to gain several inches with regular use of the Jes-Extender. The body may need more or less time to react to the Jes-Extender, but the effort is worth it. You won’t have to wonder how small is too small for women anymore.

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Using the Jes-Extender

You may have lived with curved genitalia for months or years. Discovering the Jes-Extender is just the beginning of your journey toward a straighter penis. Be patient with every session as you solve the curvature issue, however. The Jes-Extender and similar products aren’t designed to work with just a single use. You’re systematically stretching the shaft, which leads to cellular division and growth. Additional length and girth is only possible with regular use.

Start out by wearing the Jes-Extender for only 15 minutes. Get accustomed to the sensation. Use Jes-Extender every day with subsequently longer sessions each time. Traction doesn’t create a straighter penis overnight. In fact, it can take one to two months to see real changes. These results are permanent too, which means the process is worth the patience and time.

Be creative with the time that you wear the Jes-Extender. Try wearing loose-fitting pants so that you can wear the device at the office as you work at a computer, for example. Use Jes-Extender as you relax at home after dinner. There are numerous opportunities to wear the device because it only creates a comfortable sensation. Some men even enjoy the process of stretching the shaft. They know they’re doing something good for their body that will last for all time. Opting for surgeries and other risky behaviors isn’t an issue for these men who’ve discovered Jes-Extender.

Find some help for your curved genitalia by trying the Jes-Extender. This product has been used by many men who’ve found some relief from their penis curvature issues. Read about the product, and try it out. Committing to stretching the genitalia on a regular basis can offer many benefits to every man.

Setting up a regular schedule

Commit to wearing the Jes-Extender on a regular basis. The instructions can help you form a schedule that’s comfortable for you. To get the most out of the device, wear the Jes-Extender nearly every day for longer time periods each time. Begin by wearing the device for 15 minutes at a time, and gradually increase this time period as necessary.

Jes-Extender’s creators understand that men have busy schedules. The device is incredibly discreet, which means you can wear it at work with loose-fitting pants. Office workers, for example, have plenty of sitting time that works well with the Jes-Extender.

A regular schedule encourages cellular growth, which gives the shaft a larger appearance in little time. Some people see a difference in as little as one or two months.

Keeping up with those intimate acts

One of the positive aspects of the Jes-Extender is its ability to allow for normal activities between uses. When you aren’t wearing the device, it’s possible to engage in intimate acts without any limitations. In fact, your partner may appreciate your eagerness as you try out the genitalia between stretching sessions. The change in size may take some time, but there’s no reason why you can’t be as active on an intimate level as before. Many men also experience better and harder erections from the treatment – simply because of the added blood activity from the treatment.

The alternatives, such as surgery, truly stop you from most intimate acts. There are recovery times involved, for instance. The Jes-Extender never places that type of strain on the tissue, which gives you a normal life otherwise.

Getting feedback

How small is too small for a woman? Get some feedback by talking about those intimate acts. Two partners with a history between them should be able to speak honestly about their experiences. During traction treatment, the woman might notice a real change in the penis’s length and girth. Ask her if any improvement can be made.

In some cases, the woman might signal when the genitalia is just right for those intimate acts. With Jes-Extender, you can use it for as long as you need to lengthen and widen the shaft. Your sensation and perception of the genitalia will differ from your partner’s perspective. Take both opinions into consideration so that you have a penis that’s just right for your pleasure.

Trying the Jes-Extender is one of the best ways to enhance your personal life on several levels. Its design gives you control over the penis size so that a comfortable shape is the result. From a small to large penis, the genitalia can be pleasing from any perspective as you and your partner enjoy each other.

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