Essential oils for female stimulation

Satisfying intimacy between a man and a woman is based on both physical and mental factors. Both parties must be committed to the act to achieve the most pleasure. For many people, however, intimacy might be physically painful and not as fun as it used to be. Adding stimulants to the playtime might be a solid solution. Essential oils for female stimulation have been available for years, but they’ve been widely misunderstood. Healthy intimacy for women and men can be enhanced with these oils, including a product called Zestra. Discover the function and ingredients within today’s oils that can make intimacy a brand-new experience once again.

Understanding female arousal

There’s a lot of mystery that surrounds female arousal. Because these reproductive parts are largely hidden within the body, they aren’t as obvious as the male genitalia. However, there are key factors to female arousal that should be noted by anyone interested in intimacy enhancement.

When a woman is aroused, the genitalia secretes its own lubricant in the form of oils. Blood flow also increases to the area, which creates sensitivity and pleasure.

As women grow older, this step-by-step process encounters some hurdles. Sexual desire might decline because the libido isn’t as active as before. As a result, the natural oils usually secreted are practically nonexistent. Intimacy can be painful or simply boring without some extra help.

The sexual experience can be improved with essential or arousal oils. They’re designed to mimic and even improve the experience when natural oils diminish.

Defining arousal oils

Arousal or aphrodisiac essential oils are products that are safe to use on the human body. They’re often described interchangeably with lubricants, but this is an incorrect assertion.

These oils aren’t meant to be applied internally. They should be massaged onto exterior tissues only.

A classic example of an arousal oil is clary sage. This flowering herb comes from the Mediterranean region. It’s often used to relieve premenstrual symptoms and decrease anxiety. As an arousal oil, clary sage calms the female mind while allowing her to feel the libido coming back to life. It’s associated with increased estrogen in the body, which effectively leads to more excitement when intimate situations evolve.

There are many other oils with plant-based ingredients that can arouse women. Always keep in mind that these oils are used on the body and not within it.

Knowing how they work

The basic function behind most arousal oils is blood-flow enhancement. A woman who’s naturally stimulated will have a rush of blood to the genitalia. As the tissue swells, it becomes more sensitive. This sensation creates more arousal, which leads to a satisfying intimate act.

Both the skin and mucous membranes around the genital area can absorb most oils with great ease. Massaging the oil into the tissue allows the nutrients to flow into the body and react with the systems. The result is an enhanced sensation that may be difficult to achieve without the extra help.

Introducing Zestra

Zestra is a product that has a mixture of different botanical oils. Unlike other products in the marketplace, Zestra doesn’t contain any unnatural ingredients. It’s simply plant-based oils combined together for a better sex life.

Read the label, and you’ll discover that Zestra doesn’t contain these harmful items, such as:

  • Hormones
  • Parabens
  • Drugs

In fact, it’s been clinically evaluated for its widespread use with approval from many healthcare professionals. The secret to Zestra’s success is its use of plants in a unique way. Nature works in harmony with the human body, which can lead to enhanced intimacy and happiness. The human body responds to natural ingredients and not synthetic alternatives.

Everyone deserves a fabolous love life

Enjoy the moment.

Examining the ingredients

There are dozens of different essential oils available today. Each one offers its own benefits. It’s impossible for one product to use all of the oils available for female pleasure. Zestra contains a mixture of the best essential oils that will create a better experience with your partner.

By combining these particular ingredients, Zestra offers a unique solution to a lackluster time during intimacy. The manufacturer chose these ingredients because they complement each other as they react with the human body. Explore each ingredient listed here so that you understand their purpose within the Zestra mixture. Exciting intimacy is not too far away.

a. Borage Seed

The borage seed is full of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including GLA or gamma-linolenic acid. These clinical terms simply refer to the oil found within this particular seed. GLA has been linked to inflammation control, which can be an issue when it comes to arousal.

Inflammation and pain within any tissue causes stress. When a woman is under increased stress, feeling aroused is quickly pushed aside on both physical and mental levels. The body must deal with the stress before experiencing relief and good sensations. Borage seed oil reduces inflammation, which allows the body to focus on the intimate act. As one of the main ingredients listed on Zestra’s packaging, borage seed plays a big role in the essential oil’s efficacy.

b. Evening Primrose

Essential oils for female stimulation can impact hormones, which drive human reproduction on a primitive level. For instance, evening primrose oil offers an effect that’s similar to boosting a woman’s estrogen supply. By balancing out this hormone, women’s libidos have a chance of improving before any intimate scenarios begin. Estrogen plays a powerful role in a woman’s arousal response and overall drive. It’s plentiful during the younger years but tends to diminish over time.

With balanced estrogen comes increased circulation to the treated area too. Extra blood equates to more nutrients and additional sensitivity during those exciting times together.

c. Angelica Extract

Some essential oils have been known to ancient people for centuries. The Chinese have been familiar with Angelica extract for many generations. Angelica extract pulled from this plant’s roots has a specific effect on women’s bodies. It purportedly relaxes the uterine walls and creates a calm effect across the tissues. When a woman is truly relaxed, most intimate acts feel pleasurable. Tension will typically cause pain, which negates any positive sensations during intimacy.

Angelica extract also reduces pain across the rest of the body while dilating blood vessels in the immediate area. Less pain and extra nutrients to the tissue through additional blood supply can only heighten positive sensations. This oil complements the others with relaxation as its secret weapon.

d. Coleus Forskolin Extract

Coleus forskolin or simply coleus is a plant based out of the mint family. It’s usually found in tropical regions, such as Thailand. Common mint may be known for its freshening characteristics for the breath, but coleus acts differently on the human body.

Research has shown that this botanical relaxes muscles. It helps people suffering from high blood pressure, for instance. When it comes to female stimulation, coleus relaxes the blood vessel walls. In response, more blood can flow to intimate areas. Women’s sensitivities increase, which leads to a better experience overall. Zestra’s manufacturers made sure to include this ingredient as a way to improve intimate acts by slightly altering the cardiovascular system.

e. Theobromine

This alkaloid is found in many foods that women eat as daily stimulants, including chocolate and coffee. It’s similar to caffeine because it actively invigorates the body. Specifically, theobromine causes blood vessels to dilate. Extra blood to every part of the body will improve the female’s experience during intimacy.

Because theobromine wakes up the mind and body, women will feel energized to participate in intimate acts too. Feeling lethargic isn’t conducive to an exciting time with your partner. Zestra uses only a small volume of theobromine, however, so that there isn’t an unpleasant rush of stimulation as noted with some strong coffees.

f. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is closely associated with curing colds and flus, but it also supports the human body when it comes to intimacy. Zestra includes vitamin C because it helps women with hormone balances. Estrogen, testosterone and many other hormones contribute to desire and arousal. When the body has balanced hormones, it can focus on pleasure. Imbalances force the body to deal with its internal processes, which can lead to disinterest and possibly no arousal at all. In fact, vitamin C or ascorbic acid has been used in infertility research with some positive results. Science points to vitamin C as a key part of successful intimacy.

g. Vitamin E

This vitamin is useful as an anticoagulant or blood thinner. By thinning the blood, it can flow with better ease than before. As desire enters the mind, blood can reach the female’s genitalia without any obstacles. Blood is critical for sensitivity and producing natural oils within the mucous membranes.

Vitamin E also improves the body with antioxidant power. Protecting the body from oxidation damage means that cells have a chance to thrive under regular circumstances. As a result, arousal is easier to achieve at most ages. Using Zestra on a regular basis allows women to have the proper vitamins for intimacy enhancement.

Applying Zestra

Essential oils are incredibly easy to apply. Remember that they’re not designed as lubricants used within the body. Apply the oil onto the outer tissues of the body. It can be massaged onto the skin and outer mucous membranes by the female or her partner.

This product comes in convenient packages, which are measured out for the best pleasure. If you’re a first-time user, try applying half of the packet. Wait for the pleasurable results that typically occur after 10 minutes. If you’re looking for extra sensations, finish the rest of the packet. The effects should continue on for around 45 minutes, which is perfect timing for most intimate acts.

Exploring possible side effects

Zestra has been tested with numerous subjects and circumstances over the years. It doesn’t interact with medications and causes no skin issues among most people. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be used if a female has a current medical issue. Yeast infections, tissue damage and other medical issues should be dealt with first before using Zestra. It can irritate the tissue in these situations.

Read over the ingredients with care too. If you’re allergic to any substance listed within Zestra, avoid using the product.

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Combining essential oils with the Jes-Extender

Essential oils are meant to enhance the excitement well before the intimate act itself. They may be geared toward female stimulation, but consider the male’s perspective too. Try using the oils alongside the Jes-Extender for men. This product lengthens and widens the penis through gentle traction. The man might wear the Jes-Extender as he applies the oil onto his partner, for instance. Arousal is bound to happen as both parties explore each other while using these enhancement products. The Jes-Extender can be removed as soon as the man is ready to perform. In the meantime, the oils continue to stimulate everyone with sensuality as a key goal.

The best way to experiment with Zestra and the Jes-Extender is by trying both products together. By sharing your mind and body with your partner, a close bond develops. This bond can translate into enhanced intimacy for years to come. Break down those walls and share your love for one another. Oils can give you a new sensation with a trusted partner.