Do you know the ideal penis size?

“What is The Ideal Penis Size?” and “Am I the right size?”

This old questions has haunted many men at some time or another – Surprisingly for some, the answer is usually “yes!”

Worldwide the average penis is roughly between 5 and 6 inches long, very close to what women perceive as ideal. This makes sense if you consider it. A very large or very small penis can be problematic during sex, so it stands to reason that the majority of women prefer a size near to the average.
So, length isn’t as important or as necessary as most men think. In fact, most women are most interested in sufficient girth when talking about what’s important. One study of 50 young women found that 90% of them thought a wider penis provided more satisfaction than a longer one. However, it’s important to take this conclusion with a grain of salt, as the sample size was relatively small. Girth is most often overlooked in statistical studies, but if you’re a wider gentlemen, this should be some encouraging news.
So, now we know what women want from a man’s penis- but what about the men themselves? It will amaze no-one to hear that men tend to be a lot less confident about their penis size and how satisfactory they are than women. One study, published in the British Journal of Urology International, found that a whopping 45% of men were unhappy with their own size, believing themselves to be small. Yet the vast majority of the men surveyed were actually within normal limits for penis length and, medically speaking, were not considered small at all!
In order for a man to have a micro-penis, he must be at least two standard deviations away from the median. In layman’s terms this means he must be smaller than about 97.5% of men. Medically speaking, this is 2.9 inches when fully erect. This also means that 95% of men have penises between 3 and 7.5 inches long. During intercourse, the vagina stretches to fit the penis it’s interacting with, meaning that in all honesty, size is often less of a problem than we might think.
So, most men who believe themselves to be inadequate are actually perfectly capable of satisfying their sexual partners.
Of course, it’s best to be closer to the ideal, and of course all women have their own personal preferences. There are some women who prefer small and elegant, and others who only care about size – The bigger the better for these women! But, most women have a preference somewhere between the two extremes of size, tending towards larger rather than smaller (but still not huge like a lot of men falsely think).

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