How to Make Your Penis Thicker

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the seemingly elusive, age-old query, “Is there any way to make your penis thicker?” close your eyes and picture this…

“The dreamy fragrance of the rose-scented candles wafts in through the curtains, teasing and enticing the senses… The love of your life sits on the edge of her dressing table, playing with curls of her soft tresses…”
Got you dreaming, have we? Now just before the drop of the curtains, imagine the less than satisfactory look on your Aphrodite’s countenance when she gets acquainted with your member dimensions. A nightmare indeed, we concur!
Research has shown that women reported penis width to be a more significant factor in contributing to sexual satisfaction than penile length. This could be because a thicker penis at the base may translate into more significant chances of clitoral stimulation resulting in a higher incidence of female orgasm. So, if bringing sexual nirvana to your partner ranks high on your priority list, you would have probably sought answers to questions like, “How to make your cock thicker?” or “What makes your penis thicker?”.
Cease to worry, gentlemen, as we unveil a tried and tested, FDA-approved, Danish-made penis extender that will not just make your penis thicker but also add a few inches in length!

Jes-Extender ~ A Proven Medical Grade Traction Device To Make Your Penis Thicker

When you marry Danish engineering with medical devices, miracles are bound to happen, and Jes- Extender is one such miracle that has improved the sex lives of 500,000 and counting gentlemen worldwide! Let’s hear what Alan has to say regarding his journey with Jes-Extender,
“My penis wasn’t exactly too big nor too thick, I was quite the average Joe, and my girlfriend secretly wished for more. A friend of mine recommended Jes-Extender, and today I couldn’t be happier about choosing to try the product! My girlfriend is always up for more intimate times, and my self-image has got a much-needed boost. So, brothers, you have got to try this!”
If you are excited to know more about how Jes-Extender works, read on!

An Insight Into How Jes-Extender Works

Whether you wish to make your dick fat or rectify unsightly penile curvature, Jes-Extender can help you meet all your requirements. The device employs traction to initiate the process of cytokinesis by creating micro-tears along the shaft when used regularly as advised. This ultimately results in a straighter, longer, and thicker penis. As a result, Jes-Extender not only helps with elongating and thickening your shaft but has also brought relief to several men suffering from Peyronie’s disease. 

How to Increase Girth Size Fast at Home

Larger Size in Few Weeks

Danish Design & Handmade Quality

Parting Shot

The basic fundamental behind increased shaft length, girth, or reduced curvature is the physiological process of cytokinesis initiated on stretching the penile shaft on a regular basis. How to improve girth size?

Let’s break it down. Simply put, when you use a traction-based device such as Jes-Extender to increase your member dimensions, the persistent stretch causes microscopic tears along the shaft. Much like the African practice of neck elongation or earlobe stretching, the body responds to the mechanical stress by growing new tissue in every dimension, which ultimately results in a bigger and wider penis! Now one may get a clearer picture of why Jes-Extender is the best way to increase length and girth naturally .

Also, considering the increased cell activity and enhanced blood flow, you can expect better erections too!

Safely Increase Your Size

Danish Design and Handmade Quality
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Larger Size in Few Weeks

Danish Design & Handmade Quality

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