Does Jes Extender Hurt?

Does the Jes Extender Penis Enlarger Hurt?

Our customers choose the Jes Extender because it’s safe, made of the finest, top quality materials and it guarantees results. Some guys that choose our products want to use the Jes Extender to help cure penile curvature, but others simply want to give themselves a boost to what they already have. We see penis fitness as a way of overall self-improvement, in the same way that eating healthily or going to the gym is. Whatever the reason is for wanting to try out the Jes Extender, we can assure you it’s comfortable and does not hurt.

Jes Extender Won’t Hurt If You Follow Our Instructions

If you follow our recommended Jes Extender start up training program, which eases you into wearing the penis extender device by gradually increasing the traction and duration week by week, you might experience slight discomfort whilst your penis gets used to wearing the device but if worn correctly and as per the instructions, it will not cause pain and hurt. If you’re finding it even slightly painful, it’ll be because you haven’t fully followed the instructions for use. The Jes Extender is so comfortable you can wear it everyday, both in the comfort of your own home, or at work under loose pants. Some of our customers also choose to wear it whilst they sleep. However if you toss and turn a lot whilst you’re asleep wearing it at night probably isn’t for you, as the device will likely come off. But it won’t hurt you if this does happen, the device will simply slip off.

Using the Jes Extender male enhancement device does require patience and dedication. But with your hard work and commitment to following the program and continuing to wear the device, the Jes Extender penis enlarger is guaranteed to give you amazing results in increasing the size of your penis. Over half a million satisfied customers can’t be wrong!

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