What Is Chordee?

Chordee is a type of penile curvature which occurs at the head of the penis, where it bends up or down and is most evident during an erection. Chordee is a congenital condition, meaning a male will be born with it.

Like Peyronie’s disease, the exact cause of Chordee is not 100% known or agreed upon. Some experts say it could be due to abnormal development in the womb, whereby more elastic tissue develops on the top side of the penis than on the bottom, causing the tip to bend down when the penis is erect later on in life. However unlike Peyronie’s disease, Chordee does not usually cause any pain, it may just cause a slight discomfort during sex. Sometimes when a man suffers with Chordee, the urinary opening doesn’t develop properly due to the bend, and can often be on the underside of the penis. This condition is known as hypospadias.

However, some doctors may just use the term Chordee to describe the condition of the head of the penis bending upwards or downwards, even if it’s not connected to developmental problems. Sometimes Chordee can occur because of complications from other treatments, such as penile surgery to correct other problems. If you’re considering surgery to lengthen your penis, click here to find out why surgical procedures for penis enlargement are often not the best option.

Treatment Of Chordee With Jes Extender

The most common treatment for Chordee is surgery, but this comes with a risk of complications. It’s also only really effective when the condition is caught and operated on before the age of 2, so the penis can continue to develop normally. If the condition isn’t diagnosed until later on in life, surgery is still a possibility, but the patient will more than likely require more than one surgical procedures to get a true Chordee repair. And it comes with the risk of penile shrinkage post-surgery.
If you’ve been diagnosed with Chordee, and you’re considering undergoing surgery to treat and repair your Chordee condition, a penis traction device such as the Jes Extender is highly recommended as a post-surgery additional treatment. Using a penis traction device post-surgery acts as an assistive device to ensure a straighter result in the end, as it helps to reduce penis shrinkage that’s common after Chordee surgery.